A BAIRD CHRISTMAS SURPRISE { 22 images } Created 16 Dec 2018

There's nothing quite like Christmas.

Christmas is a time for joy, hope and happiness. A time to catch up with friends, love on our family and even to greet a stranger with a smile.

With that in mind, I want to share a Christmas story with you, in hopes that it inspires you to look for the Christmas magic in your own life.

In 2018, the Baird family welcomed baby Ivey, and their family grew, both in size and in love.

When Ivey was born, her family learned that Ivey had been diagnosed with Down syndrome, as well as a serious heart condition.

This family has met every challenge that 2018 has thrown their way with strength and grace, and were looking forward to a holiday season to come together as a family, create some new memories and recharge for the new year.

However, they recently learned some bad news - Due to an upcoming heart procedure, their doctors told them that baby Ivey needed to stay in and avoid risking contracting any sort of cold or illness that may impact the upcoming surgery.

Sadly, with Christmas right around the corner, this meant no photo with Santa - Ivey’s first photo with Santa would have to wait until next year.

That's when the Christmas magic came in.

Someone put in a call to the big man himself, and told Santa about what was going on.

Without hesitation, Santa came to the rescue, and did a holiday house-call to see Ivey. There truly wasn't a merrier moment than this, and I'm sure it'll be one I remember for many holiday seasons to come.

I was honored to shoot the moment, and to take some photos capturing how happy Ivey was to see Santa Claus.

So - what's one thing you've seen this year that's brought YOU some holiday joy? Let's start a thread and spread the news - everyone can use a little extra Christmas magic in their lives this time of year.
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